The YubiKey Has Arrived

Just a quick note out that I just received my Yubico Yubikeys! I normally tear into packages like presents on Christmas morning, but I am trying to restrain myself. I have decided to do a video blog-casting series, detailing the entire life-cycle of my experiences with the YubiKey. So hopefully video shooting goes well. It is already 10pm, so we’ll seen how quickly I can wrap this up.

4 Responses to “The YubiKey Has Arrived”

  1. 1 Endure

    So how will you be using this?

  2. 2 Alex Barger

    First off I plan on simply testing a theory. I recently had been reconsidering some of the commercial alternatives to this product and just by chance heard about it. I first off would like to determine: Is the Yubikey a reliable and secure alternative to hardware authentication products like the RSA SecurID, Entrust, CRYPTOcard (etc). I would also then like to determine how to grant or deny access to different systems based on weather or not the person’s key is still active in my system. I’ll probably start with my home computer for testing, and then move on from there.

  3. 3 Kevin

    Yubikey is very useful in many applications I use on daily basis! It is a surprise to see a product get such popularity and maturity in one year.

    I use the same Yubikey to log in to my PC and Mac (supported by Rohos), and for Mashed Life to do single sign on to the entire web, also use it to log in to my SSH server.


  4. 4 Alex Barger

    Thanks for the comment Kevin. I plan on signing up for with my Yubikey soon and will be doing videos on that as well.

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