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Looking For My Email Address?

You won’t find my email address posted on this site. Why not? It is very simple for spammers to grab email addresses found on your public website. I choose not to display it for that reason. What do you do if you have a need for people to contact you through your website?

You have a few options without hanging your email address out in plain site.

  • You could put the email address in an image (without a link). This would allow humans, as apposed to robots to see your address. It would not have a convenient link on it, so keep the address short and easy to type.
  • You could setup a separate email address with a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo, etc. Then at least you can keep the junk out of your normal inbox
  • A contact form on your website is another option. This would allow you to ask for other specific information at the same time as allowing the site visitor to contact you. Tip: don’t ask for too much information, otherwise people will be less inclined to use it.
  • Custom Programming: You could also put a custom sever side script on your website to do a bot test. These bot tests are often seen as the disfigured letters in an image (also known as a captcha). A program that would be used to systematically grab email addresses off of websites would not be able to enter in the letters found in the captcha image. To configure something of this nature, I recommend consulting a pro.