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Whoa careful when creating a new spark, and how to edit one

I created a blog-u-back spark on SocialSpark, but beware you do not fall into the pitfall that I did. When I first posted the spark opportunity I was very general and casual. I did not ask for what I really wanted, so I can only blame myself. I thought is was very strange that it was impossible to edit the spark or modify it, so that I could make it more specific. I even emailed Joe, my personal sales rep, and he didn’t really give me a valid answer. Eventually I did find that you can edit a spark.
Go to “Manage my advertiser account”
Then click on “Campaigns”
Then click on the title of the spark, and then again when it pops down
Then finally click on “Edit Spark” on the right

So here is how to prevent issues:

  1. If you are going to post a spark… request people to do what you really want them to do for you.
  2. Be as specific as possible. This is the best way to accomplish your goal.
  3. Give a estimate on how quickly you can write and post a BlogUBack.
  4. Don’t offer to BlogUBack on a crappy site. You will not get much action that way.
  5. Lastly, be nice. Don’t be so tough that no one wants to deal with you.

Hope this helps with your future spark endevours.