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Pic Programmer Schematics

Here are a few schematics that I have collected. Thought I would share these out there on the net. They all have pros and cons. You can read more about my specific experience with each one over here on the robot kits page.

Willem Pic Programmer Schematics

Tait Pic Programmer Schematics

JDM Pic Programmer Schematics

Classic Pic Programmer Schematics

Prototyping Boards

I ordered some prototyping boards from SparkFun the other day. I am hoping to find some time to actually work on a few of the projects that I had started. One of which is a remote temperature controller for my home brew setup. Using some one-wire Dallas temperature probes, I was hoping to hook up switched circuits for controlling whatever heating or cooling device is on the other end. One of the problems I was running into, was I had to program the pic micros off my parallel programmer, which was in the basement hooked to a desktop and I was working on the program on my laptop. So it was just too much back and forth – and too much gear on the kitchen table. So I ordered a pre-made JDM style serial programmer and an 8, 18, and 40 pin prototyping board for each of the style of chips I am working on. The boards have a socket for the chip as well as a db9 serial port connector. They even have the serial driver chip on the board pre-connected so all you have to do is program the chip and pop it in.

Microchip PIC Programming – Initial

I started putting together some initial information about programming the Microchip PIC. I am writing it in the perspective to those who are new to the subject, and really just looking for a primer. When designing a robot, you obviously would want to make educated decisions of which it is difficult to do with the wide array of different manufacturers of electronics components and proprietary micro controller units. This tutorial will hopefully become an interesting reading to those out there looking for information of just where to begin.

I originally started out in my post-secondary schooling in the course for component level electronics. One particular course really attracted my fancy, and that was digital electronics, but more specifically op-code (operation code) programming of microchips. In my courses we wrote and tested instruction sets on a Motorola 6800 development kit similar in nature to this heathkit. I had a blast. There is nothing better for the brain then good analytical thinking. Pretty much you have to write your program in assembly code and then enter the opcodes for those assembly instructions in through the keypad. This does in no means make me an expect of micro controllers. I just mearly wanted to express my the origin of opinions and the experience that I draw upon.