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Watch Paint Dry – I Say No More!

I am tired of watching paint dry. Ever since the writers strike there has been absolutely nothing worthwhile to watch on tv. Granted there wasn’t much on before, but now it has gotten so bad that I actually watched some of the home decorating shows that my wife watches. I call it like “watching paint dry” because the shows are all the same. The design team comes into a house that is need of fixing up. They pick a new paint color and throw it up on the walls. They rearrange the furniture and bring in some new chotskies and TA-Da, surprise your new room!

Writers come back, PLEASE!

Apple Crisp Cereal

Whatever happed to… that favorite product you used to enjoy. I used to get a box of cereal called “Apple Crisp”, and now not able to find it. I thought maybe it just wasn’t carried by my local grocery store, so I went to the manufactures website. It was not listed as one of their products. No big deal I thought. I’ll just look for another brand. After going up and down the isles at the store four times, they don’t have one. Ok so I do a quick gurgle (ha, you like that) search, and ohhh there is something… Müslix* Apple Crisp cereal, but it is from a Canadian branch of a Kellogg. What the heck. I live about 10 miles away from a Kellogg’s plant, and I am not able to buy the Canadian targeted cereals.

I guess I’ll just have to make my own.