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SocialSpark – Friend Your Way To Paid Blogging

So I signed-up for SocialSpark. At first I wasn’t quite sure what the whole premise of the site was. Basically it is just like any other social network, you improve your exposure by making friends. Friends sometimes will be advertisers who are looking to pay you for exposure about them and their website on your blog. SocialSpark is different from other paid linking situations, where as the advertisers are restricted to “nofollow” links. A “nofollow” link is used to tell the search engines not to follow the hyperlink while crawling your site. So it is a way for it to be excluded while counting links for search engine ranking.

This past weekend I setup my profile page on the site. I spent a few hours machine gun style clicking on friend requests on all the people who had the least amount of friends. My thought was that the people with no friends would be more inclined to accept the invitation. After fifteen minutes or so, people started accepting my invitations and I had forty friends before I knew it. So at that point I decided to switch gears and befriend the people with the most friends and votes. By the end of the weekend I had roughly 300 friends and several “props” or votes, then on Monday my site was the featured blog. I didn’t get to the site in time to get a screen shot. But the good news is, I had a paid blog opportunity waiting in my inbox!

PS. This blog post was sponsored by SocialSpark

First Paid Posting – For Charity That Is

In my previous posting, I stated that I was donating the $20 to the Alzheimer’s Walk. If you are wondering if I am pulling your leg… Here is a screen shot to add some credibility.
Pay Per Post - Approved Screen Shot
Squint harder, you can see on the right hand side under Charity/Savings it notes AW. It doesn’t stand for Alex’s Wallet. It does stand for Alzheimer’s Walk. If you are wondering why I didn’t just take the $20 and go buy something. I could have, but if you stop and look around at your situation and you realize how good off you have it, maybe you’ll understand.

Pay Per Post – Approved

This blog just got accepted into the Pay Per Post blog network program. What does that mean? Well it means that intermittently I will be choosing topics from their website to write blog posts about. I plan to keep this site in the same style as it has been, however they will feed me topics to write about. Oh yeah, and they’ll pay me in return. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it. If you are offended by this, so be it. If you dig it… read on.

What am I gonna do with all that cash you may be thinking? Some of the posts only pay five bucks, so don’t worry boss – I don’t think I’ll make enough money to quit my day job ( At $5 per post I would have to do 28 post each day every day of the entire year – not that I did the math ). My thought is, if I’m going to be posting to this site anyway why not make a few bucks at the same time. Often times I find myself at a loss for a topic to blog about, and would go weeks on end without posting. This program should help me with that issue. I plan on using the part of the extra coin to help launch my virtual volunteer initiative. [more to come on that] P.S. I am donating the $20 for this post to the Alzheimer’s Walk.

I found their site while researching another topic. I didn’t realize how big of an operation they had over there until I started checking into it in greater detail. This does not appear to be a shoddy company. As far as I can tell it looks like they run a professional online service where internet advertisers can pay the members of the site to write and post content on their own web-blogs.