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Open Source Software For Charity

So I picked up my first virtual volunteering opportunity. I found a volunteer posting on a website that I responded to. It turns out that the person who setup all of the web based systems for this particular non-profit organization likes to frequent Sourceforge just as much as I do. We have been emailing back and forth a bit now, and I keep learning about more and more open source software that they have installed and using to run their organization and internet presence. I was taken back a bit, because it seemed unusual. Non-profits have access to special pricing of software and hardware and typically don’t have someone like me on the payroll, or maybe they do.. but I doubt it. They also have the need not to profit, so expenses like paying for commercial software and support can be an easy way to quickly spend some profits [don't worry I won't mention any names]

Virtual Volunteer Services

I have decided to reach out and help nonprofit organizations with their technology struggles. With my seven plus years of experience centered around internet technologies, I will be offering free consultation to nonprofit organizations around the world. My mission is to help charitable organizations so they can focus their efforts on doing what they do best… helping people!