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Link Contest Results

Prize Unique Referred Traffic: www.endureonline.com
Prize Quantity of Links: tidbitsandtreasures.blogspot.com
Prize Highest Google PR: Tie Between endureonline.com and tidbitsandtreasures.blogspot.com, so the winner is determined by the most unique referred traffic so the winner is endureonline.com

Congradulations to C.McComsey of www.endureonline.com, B.Sanders of tidbitsandtreasures.blogspot.com, and to all others who participated. Way to get off your duff and help a dude out. Thanks again!!

If you would like to see more detailed information I have provided the data that the winners were determined by. This pdf is a snapshot of the google analytics report of referring traffic for the contest period. Here is a csv file that contains all of the links as far as yahoo has indexed. The highest PR link, I had to manually go through all the registered links.

Stats for Link Contest 1

It looks like sandystyl.blogspot.com is currently in the lead for unique referring traffic. If you read the rules, I stated that it would be the site with the “most unique visitors”. So I am using Google Analytics to track that at this point. Feel free to join in the contest, with only 5 unique visitors sent, you still have almost 2 months to top that.

At this point, I am not going to go through the sites for the other two gift certificates. If I have time over the weekend, I’ll see what I can do.

In the mean time. Get out there and post some more links for the link contest