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Counting items with mysql and regex in the group by statement

Yesterday I needed to do a little report for the boss but the data that I needed to group together wasn’t exactly the same. I hit up the “Goog” for ways to use regular expressions in a count query, but that is kinda tricky to find so this is what I was able to come up with….

So let’s say you had a table where you were attaching the landing url a site visiting is entering your website on, and you wanted to track that landing url the whole way to the end of some web based procedure. Of course certain urls will be different but some could be common for the purpose of counting them together on a report. In a practical example, lets say you are doing pay-per-click traffic with Google and Yahoo. Both of these providers use unique ids in the url to help distinguish between multiple clicks from the same person (so you end up with many urls that are different but mean the same thing). And of course you were a good little developer when you decided to send Google traffic to /google/ and Yahoo to /yahoo/!
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