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Drama at the Beach and New Pics from Vaction

We got back last night from our trip to Ocean City, NJ. The little guy is at that age where he wants to do everything, touch everything, and always have his way so that made for a challenge. We hit the beach a few days, hit the boardwalk others. I think I gained about 10 pounds with all that good food! I uploaded some of the pictures to my Flickr account.

The drama of the story was the B&B that we stayed in was having some issues with the next door neighbor. We were in the middle of a feud. The neighbor was making noise and causing disturbances by cranking the radio, honking horns, and banging on things. It was kinda comical in one aspect, but did make it hard for Luke to take a nap. She apologized to us the next day, and hooked us up with a stack of tickets to the amusement rides. Whoo-hoo free rides!

Friday everyone was cleared from the water, as medical syringes washed up on the beach. Luckily for us, we already had packed up to head home. I feel bad for all the others on their way to the beach this weekend. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Stop ruining this earth. Keep your sh*t out of the water.

Some New Luke Pics

So we were out to the photo studio the other day. Got a handful of new pictures of the little dude. We wanted to get some summer photos before the summer was over.






Happy Fathers Day to Me

One might think that being fathers day today that I would have had a relaxing day, not doing much of anything. I kept pretty busy. We are on the downhill of a kitchen remodel and I am to the point, where I just want to finish it. So I was up at 5:30am sealing the grout of the tile back splash we put in. After chugging some java, I worked on cutting and fitting molding.

Then I spent some time doing dishes and cleaning up because a friend of mine came over so we could bottle up some home brew we made a few weeks back. That kind of work is usually pretty relaxing, but it is still working. We had made an all-grain clone version of Anchor Steam and all grain clone of Thomas Hardey’s. Of course I had to sample it! Cheers!

Took a nap, did some more work in the kitchen. Took Luke to the grocery store; now that is definitely not relaxing. Made some yummy steaks on the grill. Grilling is much more fun that regular cooking. My mom stopped in to visit. Then it was time for Luke to go to bed, and here we are… blogging away.

Good Night! See you next time.
From this dad, shout out to all the other dads.

Christmas Farm

Luke and animal farm

Luke and animal farm 2

Luke and animal train

Look at all the animals!

One toy we got Luke for Christmas was a little farm play center. It has a couple different gadgets to it. He saw it in the store and seemed to be into playing with it. We’ll see how long it can hold his attention. He also got an animal train from the Jones side of the family. That seems to be pretty enthralling. Of course he received toys big and small, way too many to list out of course.

Baby’s First Birthday Party

Luke at oneOne Year! Wow, how time flies. It seems like such a short time ago we were in the hospital welcoming the little one into the world, now here were are celebrating his first birthday. Curious George Cake We went with the Curious George theme. Luke doesn’t really know who he is yet, but it was the closest thing we could get to a jungle theme. I didn’t have much of a chance to take too many still photos since I was running around with the video camera most of the time. I’ll have to review the dv tapes and see how the footage turned out, and see if I can get a cute clip of Luke eating cake.

Baby Gets A Halloween Pumpkin

Luke and a PumpkinGrandma Liz gave Luke a Halloween pumpkin and asked that we take some pictures. Luke as a pumpkinWho would have that a pumpkin would be such a fun toy. Forget Elmo, forget cars, forget all the other toys. He loved tossing and rolling this pumpkin around and had such a blast with it. Then, just by chance we happened upon a pumpkin costume at the consignment sale so he was also one for Halloween.

Luke Strolls The Boardwalk

Check out this short video of Luke’s first visit to the New Jersey boardwalk.
This is a short clip taken from my Canon Powershot a530 that I took while walking beside the stroller. So it is a little shaky. I thought it would be cure to see all his blond hair blowing in the sea breeze. Hope you enjoy it!

Luke Does The Robosapien Dance

Check out this short video clip of Luke enjoying the dance of Robosapien. He is not able to stand on his own yet, but boy does he get a big old grin on his face when he sees and hears the Robosapien doing his little dance routine. This was taken with a JVC DV camcorder, the lighting leaves a little to be desired but amusing nonetheless. The video has also been compressed to be more bandwidth friendly.

Cat Conspiracy

SamThis is getting old real quick. The cats started waking me at 4:30 in the morning. Sometimes I can ignore the alpha male, but it is difficult to do. If we leave the door open, he crawls onto the nightstand and knocks items off. If that doesn’t make me get up, he’ll pace back and forth around me and even bite. If we leave the door shut, the female will scratch at the door jam. This does two things, wrecks the door jam and wakes me.Bella

I don’t really see the need for me to get out of bed at 4:30 in the morning. I would rather sleep till, oh even 5:30 would be nice. It all started happening when the 2007 Daylight Savings time change took effect. You wouldn’t think that would make such a difference. The time changes every year, why would a few extra weeks have such an impact.

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. These two felines have banded together in an effort to get me out of bed when they want. I am sure of it. If my normal time to get up was 7am they would probably start testing me at 6. Cats are a lot smarter then we give them credit sometimes and animals in general do have an internal clock, scientists believe. How else would they know to plan their attack one hour before my alarm clock goes off? They are not hungry, since we give them 1/3 of their daily food at 10pm.

I believe it is a tactic to get attention. When we first brought our new baby home, I gave the cats extra attention so they wouldn’t feel the baby was getting it all. That seemed to work out well at the beginning. The last few months, I must admit, they have gotten less attention. With both of us working and taking the baby to day care, we only have a couple good hours to do what we need to do. I’ll have to test this theory, and see what the results are.

Oh No, not the minivan!

Fellow soldiers, I fear the time has come. Years ago I thought I would never become a minivan driver. It took so many years and jobs to work my way up the in coolness factors of everyday driver vehicles. I started with the blue Ford Tempo back when I graduated high school. Not the coolest ride for an 18 year old, but I made it cool (in my mind anyway). Then a glancing blow by a cement truck totaled that ride and I went through several other cars before I was able to afford a decent car again. So I finally buy a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, black of course, and I feel like a king of the road again. It’s not all bad, I am not planning on trading in my truck for a minivan. That is a scary thought. Nope, Leigh is thinking it is time for her to trade in her Subaru Legacy for the minivan. It is a nice car, but with the little guy and all his paraphernalia the minivan will give us some leg-room and space for hauling kids stuff around. My thought was, well at least it would be good for road trips! So that settles it, I shall become…. the minivan driver.