Sonicwall firmware download

I took a look at a Sonicwall PRO 200 today. The previous owners of the unit stated it had intermittent problems. My first thought was to wipe it clean with the factory defaults and then check to see if there were any firmware updates. If you have one of these units, be careful. So I reset the unit to the factory defaults, and connect over the console… and the console is down. Then I go to the default web based tool, and it prompts me to upload a fresh firmware and states the loaded firmware is corrupt. No problem, I think to myself. I’ll just go to the manufacturer’s website, download the latest firmware, and load it in there. NO. Sonicwall no longer lets just anyone download firmware anymore. So I create and account and login, but still no way to download. I try to add the product via the serial number, and their system responds with a message that the serial number has already been registered to someone else. Well of course it has, this is a hand-me-down unit. Since I can’t bring myself to throw a possibly workable piece of equipment away, I’ll just keep struggling with this thing. I found one for sale on ebay, and asked the seller if they would burn me a copy of the install cd. Hopefully I can turn a stone and find some firmware squirming about. Thanks for nothing Sonicwall!



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  1. 1 MarkG

    In reference to your sonicwall issue, there is a very simple solution. Create a mySonicwall account if you don;t have one, email a photo of the units serial number together with your mySonicwall user name, and request it be moved to your account. By sending the photo you satisfy their legal requirements as it show you are in possession of the unit. Takes them 2 days to do, but once done you can access the latest firmware which was available to your unit when it was under warranty.
    Neat huh!

  2. 2 Alex Barger

    Thanks MarkG! I’ll have to try that out. I had emailed a few people on ebay to see if they would mail me a copy of the manufacturer’s original cd but didn’t have much luck at the time.


  3. 3 g7pkf

    Don’t suppose you ever got a firmware did you?

    At present i have a brick (don’t know password or even ipaddress)

    if you could email me it (if you did get one i would be grateful).

    – email removed –

    if i find one myself ill let you know.

    Regards Dean AKA G7PKF (lose the spaces and replace the AT)

    Cheers :)

  4. 4 Alex Barger


    I did not get the firmware for my sonicwall yet. I did create an account at their site, but I did not go any further then that as MarkG suggested. One of these days I do need to get around to fixing that (or tossing it)!

    Good luck, I’ll let you know if I get off my duff and get it.

  5. 5 g7pkf


    sorry lost your email address. I have a little file to send you :)



  6. 6 Jas

    Hi people

    I have just got hold of a sonic wall pro 200 having the same problem the last guy has reset it so now it says “The current firmware file appears to be corrupted.”
    I have setup an account with sonic wall and tried to register the hardware but can’t because it’s already been registered
    If that’s not hitting a brick wall I don’t know what is!
    Is there anyone out there can HELP!


  7. 7 Gus

    Not sure if anyone is still following this thread. Here is what I did to two Sonicwall’s. I sent an email to asking them to move the registration from the currently registered owner to myself. I provided my newly created “myaccount” and subscriber ID which came in the “myaccount” email confirmation. I sent them pictures and serial numbers. It took a while but they did it.

  8. 8 Brad

    Apparently Sonicwall is required to make firmware downloads available in GB.
    Found this link to their website in England that has firmware for out of support appliances and does not require a login.

  9. 9 Ernest

    I can help with TZ 150 firmware issues.

    email me:

    Strike while the iron is hot!

    (B4 the admins pull my handle)


  10. 10 Erik C

    Hello all.

    I too have recently got a SonicWall TZ150W wireless series router 2nd hand, and I do not have the passwords for the router. Nor do I have the CD’s for the router. Does anyone have a copy of the firmware they could possibly email me?

    eachubb1 gmail com

    you can fill in whats missing.
    thank you

  11. 11 Bobby F


    i’m looking for version released firmware for Sonicwall Soho TZW

    email me at



  12. 12 thomas

    Sonicwall sucks!

  13. 13 Terry

    I have a SonicWall SOHO TZW and need Apparently this is the final release for this device. Thanks!

  14. 14 Bobby


    Can you share the firmware for Sonicwall TZW

    my email is



  15. 15 Steve

    I downloaded frimware for my Soho3 worked fine!

  16. 16 Elliot

    You just made my day. Thanks!

  17. 17 Alex Barger

    Glad to hear that I could help out. I struggled with this issue and decided to share.


  18. 18 diego

    hi, i need the firmware for a tz170 series firewall
    thanks a lot
    best wishes

    please, send me at

  19. 19 Joe

    I too am looking for the latest firmware for a tz170 series firewall

    it was purchased second hand and already registered. still waiting for sonicwall to switch registration over to me…

  20. 20 Gary

    I found how to login to the pro-200

    Use the setup tool and defualt the firewall at at subnet mask

    Go to your TCP/IP Props and set your pc for

    Use to login…

    Mine asked for an upgrade firmware……I flashed it using the firmware from your site but they both keep asking for the firmware after the flash..

    Any questions or if you want software…

  21. 21 John P

    Hi Folks.
    Has anyone located the Sonicwall SOHO TZW Firmware update as yet ?
    I would really appreciate it if some kind soul could forward it to me please.
    jwpleming at

  22. 22 Rob

    I wasted 30 minutes on the phone with them trying to get them to give me firmware. they of course, would not. So I tried to be sly and start a partnership with them in order to get the information I needed. No dice.

    Tanks for putting this up! A life saver for my client, he never documented the password for the device, now I have to blow it away.

  23. 23 darren

    I have a TZ150 that blocks Bonjour communication preventing apple devices from talking w/ each other (appletv, itunes, iphone).

    I read that the 5.2 firmware fixes this (currently at 3.8).

    Was extremely dissapointed to see the hoops one has to jump through to get updated firmware… rediculous. Pay once and then pay again.

    Tried many of the steps people above did, register, told unit already registered.

    This is not my router, rather I am attempting to fix it to please a client.


  24. 24 Alex Barger

    I really don’t know anything about these units. i do still have the one that I re-flashed. I should sell it and get it out of my hair.

  25. 25 Runtime 213

    Looking for Sonicwall SOHO TZW Firmware download can anyone please help, please email me at

  26. 26 Rob

    Is this the firmware for the Pro 200 model?

    I tried twice now loading it using the procedure described in the user manual & it keeps telling me the firmware file appears to be corrupt after the firewall restarts…

    Any ideas?

    What a pain in the a$$….

  27. 27 Andrew

    Thanks Brad!!! The UK site is still up and i’ve downloaded and recovered my tele3 sp

  28. 28 Culley

    If you need a firmware for the Pro 200, I have a Pro 200 and can email the firmware.

  29. 29 Ed

    Can any one direct me for the download for the sonicwall firmware SOHO TZW went to the sight listed above but they didnt have that model listed. Thanks in advance..

  30. 30 John

    Does anyone have the firmware for a PRO 300?

    If so, can you e-mail it to me?

    I tried the UK site, but only saw up to the PRO 100. Tried that one and it says it’s an invalid firmware file.

    bandor @

  31. 31 christian

    Hiya Culley, could you email the Pro 200 firmware please.
    christianredhat at gmail com

    Thx if you do

  32. 32 Don

    I am another in need of the pro 200 firmware. If someone could be so kind as to send a copy to tia

  33. 33 Don

    Maybe I shouldn’t read so fast. The link is on this page.


  34. 34 christian

    Cheers me too!


  35. 35 christian

    Hiya I have loaded the firmware but now my Sonicwall has disappeared and I cant ping it on the ip
    any ideas?

  36. 36 Don

    Could you email me the pro 200 firmware? I am having the same issue that Rob is having. What version is your firmware? Has anyone done anything positive with their brick?


  37. 37 Vince

    I bought a pro4060 second hand and had no trouble registering it, it did come up and say it was already registered but I just did what MarkG suggested and they transferred it to my account.

    If you look on the mysonicwall site it even gives instructions about sending a photo of the serial number in if its already registered.

  38. 38 chiawei

    I also need the firmware for pro 200, could you email me also?

  39. 39 Finbar

    Im in same boat as others with the Sonicwall 200 pro. A usuable firmware would be appreciated or a website that hosts the firmware.
    Thanks in advance.

  40. 40 Bill

    Anyone has sonicwall TZ 190 firmware image? Please email to thnaks

  41. 41 babboxy

    Sonicwall Soho TZW firmware desperately needed
    big thanks!

  42. 42 jeff

    I am still trying to use the bin file, however it says “The Firmware is not valid, please try again.”

    could someone email me a working copy?


  43. 43 Brett

    Looking for latest SOHO TZW firmware. Been going down the “Dealing with SonicWall road” to avail. I am ready to add yet another functioning Sonicwall Device into the landfill. I hope SonicWall tanks as a company….Man!

    If you have it please send link or file to

    Thanks All….

  44. 44 Tom

    Does anyone have the firmware for a Sonicwall TZ-190? I would greatly appreciate it. My email is


  45. 45 Jeremy

    Greetings All,

    Looking for Firware for the SonicWall TZ170 and Pro 4060. Thanks!


    jeremy (dot) ward (at) telijent (dot) com
    Anti-SPAM Format

  46. 46 tom4040


    do you have a link or the firmware for the Sonicwall
    soho tzw it is some 2.x.x.x
    if so, please be so kind and send me or let me know
    where I can get it. (same problem pushed the resetbutton)

    kind regards


  47. 47 Rob

    I need TZ 150 Enhanced. Please email whatsonfire at gmail dot com.

    Thank you for your help if anyone can!

  48. 48 Drew Meade

    Hi, does anyone have firmware for the Sonicwall 230 pro? If so, could you be so kind to email it to me

    thank you,i just bought it and have no firmware for it, so im stuck!

  49. 49 Alejandro

    Hi , i just got a Sonicwall TZ190 but it has some kind of problem with the firmware … could someone give me a link for a firmware of this device …my email is :
    Thank you in advanced

  50. 50 rkirschner

    I also need the firmware for the pro 200.

  51. 51 jm600rr

    I need the latest firmware for NSA 2400 if possible. Support expired and 5.0.1 I have does not support Sonicpoint N. I would really appreciate it.

  52. 52 Will

    I need firmware for a SOHO TZW 10 user. If someone could share that would be great because this is a second hand unit from a trusted friend and it works too good for me to let it go to waste. My mail is Also, not sure if it matters, but the model# is APL11-031. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  53. 53 Todd

    I need firmware for a TZ170 please???

    Thank you in advance,

  54. 54 Martijn

    Thanks saved me from trowing away a bricked 230 pro.

  55. 55 gerry

    anyone has a firmware for Sonicwall Pro 300? please email to


  56. 56 Raj

    :( anyone has firmware for Sonicwall PRO 230. I inherited it and i am stuck….


  57. 57 Ken

    Thanks a lot Alex!!!

  58. 58 Sonic user

    I too have a sonic wall hand me down. does anyone have the firmware for the sohotzw? I would be forever grateful!! They make such a production out of software that should be available for the end users. Thanks

  59. 59 Irek

    I need latest firmware for a TZ190, please, please
    Thank you in advance

  60. 60 Darren Hagarty

    Hi, I’m chasing a TZ170 Enhanced firmware. So far account created on MySonicwall site doesn’t work. I’m trying to reset to default a TZ170 however it gives my this error when trying to reset to default.

    Status: Warning! Invalid firmware boot option.

    Firmwar is old

  61. 61 Howard

    I am in need of TZ190 firmware, if anyone has a copy of it, please send to


  62. 62 Martin

    Hi. I need a firmware for TZ190, and TZ180.
    I need to reset the passwords.

  63. 63 Hitmanaction

    I need the latest firmware for the TZ170

  64. 64 Lars Lindsjö


    I have recently got my hands on 2 TZ 150 Byt i need newer firmware dy you by any chans got that? Please send to

  65. 65 Mike

    Need the latest firmware for a TZ 170 if possible. Please send too


  66. 66 Alan

    Can you please send me tz 170 w firmware?? My e-mail is

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  70. 70 CStewart

    Can someone send me a firmware update for a tz170. I can’t find one anywhere and could really use it. I am having issues with it and I need it by wednesday. is my email address

  71. 71 James

    Can anyone send me the latest firmware of tz-190? I would really appreciate it!

  72. 72 Nick

    Can anyone get their hands on the firmware for SonicWall Pro 4060? My service agreement with them expired in 2005 and I’m unable to download it from the account site. Any help is greatly appreciated!!



  73. 73 Paul Cabanca

    Hey guys anyone can help getting the new sonicwall firmware 5.8 for NSA2400?


  74. 74 kiwiboy36

    Can anyone send me the latest firmware of tz-190W? Thankyou in advance :-)

  75. 75 kiwiboy36

    Can anyone send me the latest firmware of tz-190W? Thankyou in advance :-)

  76. 76 Six9seven

    Here is the firmware TZ-190W from Oct. 2011:




    I’m so pissed of this crap!!!
    So huge costs of this peace of crap and you will get a fu**ing crap linux firmware.
    Never – never – never – never ever a Sonicwall again!!!!!!!!!

    Moved over to CISCO.
    Much more cheaper and much more support!!!!


  77. 77 Andy

    Anyone can send me please a Firmwarefile from sonicwall pro230
    i bought the device over ebay and mysonicwall says the device couldnt be registered -.-

    Thanks for help

  78. 78 z3f

    What is the latest firmware for SonicWall TZ170?
    anyone that can help me finding the firmware?
    Please send details to z3f_laptop at


  79. 79 Deep

    Please provide me the firmware for soho/tele 3, i believe this is the latest right firmware. I reset it and now it shows error saying “The current firmware file appears to be corrupted.”
    Please mail me the firmware as i cant find it online.
    Thank you

  80. 80 Daren

    Hi, can anyone please send me the firmware for the Sonicwall SoHo3? thanks,

  81. 81 Michael M

    I just inherited some Sonicpoint Ns and just realized I can’t even update the firmware on them without paying for it. I can’t believe this. If anyone has the latest version I sure would appreciate it.

    Also for the Sonicpoint Ne if you can. Really sonicwall?!?!?

  82. 82 peter

    can someone please send me a firmware for TZ170 W I have inadvertently loaded the standard firnmware on the wireless TZ170 and cannot get it back

  83. 83 robin


    I’m looking for SoniscOS firmware for my TZ 50.

    Please contact me I really need it.



  84. 84 Warrior5delta

    Need current firmware for tz 170, currently on

    upgraded customer to Cisco ASA and he gave me this one.

  85. 85 Kevin

    Hi. I need a firmware for TZ180.
    I need to reset the passwords.

  86. 86 Dmitry

    Hi, I’m chasing a TZ150 Enhanced firmware. Device is long time out of warranty, but need enhanced OS.
    I would really appreciate any help. Thx

  87. 87 LinuxVegas

    I need firmware for a SonicPoint G NA
    Does anyone know where I can get it?
    I tried SonicWALL, But no luck. I was told it was a LEGACY, and they offered to sell me a new one for $700 dollars.
    Nice tech support, Reset your router and your hardware takes a $h!t

  88. 88 Eddy

    Hi Board,

    Can someone please email me the tz190 firmware or we can I download it..

    my email is eddymate @ yahoo. com

  89. 89 Ivan

    i need the same thing as Eddy, TZ 170 latest firmware, anyone can help?

  90. 90 Labello

    Hi, i need firmware for the TZ180 Sonicwall. Which release is the newest one?
    Can someone help me?

  91. 91 Sampson

    I need the tz170, 180, and pro 280 if anyone has them.
    Thanks in advance

  92. 92 Shamnad

    Hi, i need latest firmware for the TZ180 Sonicwall the existing firmware making somany issues please share the download link

  93. 93 edynamic

    I need the tz100 and tz200 if anyone has them.

    Thanks in advance

  94. 94 mike

    I’m in need of the TZ 190 firmware also. I’ll trade TZ 215 or TZ 100 for it.

  95. 95 Rahul Dwivedi

    Can anyone help me Plz!!!!

    I have a SonicWall Pro 1260 , I had purchased it from somebody who had been selling the old materials.

    I am able to connect to the device. it is working. but after booting the device it asks for username and password. I am not able to login as it had been previously configured.
    I had also reset the device and then I browsed it with the default IP( but it asking for Upload New firmware Image.
    I don not have any image.
    Can anybody help me with this Firmware image.

    My mail ID is

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