I am working on a WordPress plugin that will allow skraping content from another website and inserting it as a post in a specific category. Just working now on the basics of the plugin. Activate and deactivate are working. Now I am working on a settings form. After I get the settings done, I will be able to actually start building the function that does the real work. I will be using curl to load the urls and login to a form if needed. If you dont have curl … sorry it wont work for you.

As soon as I get a working plugin I will post it for download.

Good Progress has been made!

I had to take a step back on the settings form, because I didn’t know what all settings were going to be needed or where to put them. So I went ahead with the functionality of the plugin. Yesterday I was able to get the functional piece of the plugin working with my environment. The purpose of this plugin to me, was so that I could import a snippet of content from a remote website on a daily basis. The particular website has copywritten content, but I have a copy of wordpress setup on my beer club site with a plugin so that you have to login to read any of the content, so it doesn’t hurt anything, I am just sharing the content with the rest of the people in my club.

Once I was able to get the functions working, I went ahead and back imported all of the content from Jan1,2006 to present, and then setup a cron job to run the wget against the php script each day. (crontab -e)

Now I need to get the settings saved into wordpress somehow. I will have to look around and see what the options are. The plugin that I modeled mine after (Postie) saves all of it’s settings into a new table. I would prefer not to do that unless I have to.

– So close… just need a settings page! (May 3 2006)

Found the documentationI found the documentation on how to save your plugin data into WordPress. So now I just need to sit down and do it. Afterword I will post a zip file of the first release of Skrape. Give me a few days to get it together. Then if anyone does test/use this plugin I would like to get some feedback. It is working good for me so far.

– hope to release soon! (May 5 2006)

INITIAL RELEASE AVAILABLE Yeah! the first release. Does it work? Well it works for me. So what I would like to know is if it works for you.

I just posted a zip file of the first release of Skrape here. There is a README file in the zip that describes how to install and configure Skrape in your WordPress installation. It is a very un-obtrusive plugin in the sence that it really is only a configuration page, and a external script that inserts post content through the WordPress function.

– hope to hear your feedback! (May 6 2006 11:57pm)