Prototyping Boards

I ordered some prototyping boards from SparkFun the other day. I am hoping to find some time to actually work on a few of the projects that I had started. One of which is a remote temperature controller for my home brew setup. Using some one-wire Dallas temperature probes, I was hoping to hook up switched circuits for controlling whatever heating or cooling device is on the other end. One of the problems I was running into, was I had to program the pic micros off my parallel programmer, which was in the basement hooked to a desktop and I was working on the program on my laptop. So it was just too much back and forth – and too much gear on the kitchen table. So I ordered a pre-made JDM style serial programmer and an 8, 18, and 40 pin prototyping board for each of the style of chips I am working on. The boards have a socket for the chip as well as a db9 serial port connector. They even have the serial driver chip on the board pre-connected so all you have to do is program the chip and pop it in.