Pic Programmer Schematics

Here are a few schematics that I have collected. Thought I would share these out there on the net. They all have pros and cons. You can read more about my specific experience with each one over here on the robot kits page.

Willem Pic Programmer Schematics

Tait Pic Programmer Schematics

JDM Pic Programmer Schematics

Classic Pic Programmer Schematics

3 Responses to “Pic Programmer Schematics”

  1. 1 MGA

    Thank you…

  2. 2 Hoang Ngoc Loi

    thank you verry much!

  3. 3 Sean

    I started off with a JDM style one, but it was too unreliable. I built a Wisp628 which is a PIC controlled programmer that speaks serial to the computer and takes care of controlling the voltages itself. I also mounted it in a DDS3 case ;)


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