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I was tired of my music collection, and I retired it for several months. Tired of listening to the same things over and over. I tried internet radio for awhile, but didn’t have access to that from all my listening devices. My whole music listening experience in general was lacking. Someone told me about this site awhile back and I never got around to investigate it until recently.

I would try to listen to music at work, and I would just be interrupted all the time. At home, I wasn’t able to crank it up to eleven without disturbing someone… and the wired headphones were restricting me to be tied to the computer. Having a toddler makes that near impossible!

So my resolution to my music quandaries… bluetooth wireless headphones, a new music playing cell phone and

I didn’t do tons of device research ahead of time, but I did do a little. I ended up getting the Jabra BT620s bluetooth stereo headphones, the LG Chocolate VX-8550 and a Blue Soleil usb bluetooth dongle.

I started with the same Jabra headphones, a Motorola KRZR K1m phone, and a cheap usb dongle. I struggled for several days with the cheap usb dongle, and had some weird hardware compatibility issue. It works fine in other computers, just not mine (of course). So that got swapped out with a more expensive model. The cell phone swap, that is a whole story in itself. It boils down to the fact that the CDMA version of the KRZR K1m does not support stereo bluetooth. I read on several sites, claims of people hooking up the Jabra BT620s to the KRZR, but they must have had the GSM version. So After spending hours and hours at the cell phone store, the Chocolate seemed to make the most sense for someone looking for a mp3 player that can be used as a cell phone. It plays music, I’ll give it that. It is not the best player out there, but it works and does stereo bluetooth without extra adapters, unlike the IPod!

So now I find my music experience revitalized. I am jamming on the wireless headphones with my media player software on the pc. The headphones have Pause/Play, FF/Rew, and volume controls built in, so that makes it very easy to pause the tune when interrupted. I can take a call on the cell phone with another button, then hang up and the music comes back. The sound quality is definitely not as good as my wired Senheiser’s but hey, they’re wireless and connect to multiple devices!

It is fun walking around the house while it’s dark, and the headphones blink blue led lights out the earphones (can be disabled) and I think about being a android or a cyborg. It also comes in real handy for household chores that we all despise doing. Or when you generally need to be mobile. Eventually I would like to get a bluetooth compatible head unit for the car, but I have some research to do on those and a few pennies to save.

Until next time… Check out My Tunez page for links to my Pandora internet radio stations.

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    Dear Alex

    I also have a BT 620, but missed the software CD. Now I tried to get it from the shop where it was purchased,but failled since its an old model. Can you please provide me the software?

    Warm Rgards

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