Oh No, not the minivan!

Fellow soldiers, I fear the time has come. Years ago I thought I would never become a minivan driver. It took so many years and jobs to work my way up the in coolness factors of everyday driver vehicles. I started with the blue Ford Tempo back when I graduated high school. Not the coolest ride for an 18 year old, but I made it cool (in my mind anyway). Then a glancing blow by a cement truck totaled that ride and I went through several other cars before I was able to afford a decent car again. So I finally buy a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, black of course, and I feel like a king of the road again. It’s not all bad, I am not planning on trading in my truck for a minivan. That is a scary thought. Nope, Leigh is thinking it is time for her to trade in her Subaru Legacy for the minivan. It is a nice car, but with the little guy and all his paraphernalia the minivan will give us some leg-room and space for hauling kids stuff around. My thought was, well at least it would be good for road trips! So that settles it, I shall become…. the minivan driver.