My Food Aversions – And How They Came to Be

I have never eaten gulf oysters, raw oysters, or cooked (that I know of). That is one of those things that has freaked me out. Growing up, I have always had an aversion to fish and seafood. I have taken a liking to mild seafood and fish like shrimp, shark, and tilapia etc. This aversion has probably stemmed from three sources, not liking the flavor of drawn butter, not liking “Old Bay” seasoning, and the couple times I have gotten sick from seafood. As I have learned what to avoid, I have started finding fish and seafood that I enjoy. Till this day, I still avoid raw and seafood that I had prior issues with. There was a time that we made lobster and scallops on the grill and my stomach ejected them. There was another time that I had shark marinated in soy sauce that I had an allergic reaction to the soy. Then there was a trip to Baltimore that I had a food reaction, I’ll tell you that story in the video below. The moral of the story is that education is key. If you educated yourself on how food is properly handled and prepared, you can avoid food born illness. One site you can learn more about proper handling of oysters is – check it out.

2 Responses to “My Food Aversions – And How They Came to Be”

  1. 1 Karen

    I love your kitchen! By the way, I gave you a prop on Soc Spark. I check out blogs and only give props to nice blogs and bloggers. :-)

  2. 2 Alex Barger

    Thanks for checking me out. Oh this kitchen! It is a work in progress. We just got a new counter top, and will be tiling the back splash this week….it makes a huge difference.

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