Lancaster Linux User Group

Attention LUGers and LUGer-wannabes: I am helping reintroduce the Lancaster Linux User Group. With the rising cost of fuel, driving to the CPLUG meetings doesn’t fit everyone’s budget or busy schedule. So anyone who is interested, please visit the blog and post a comment stating your level of interest. I have spoken to several people already and feel that we could begin to form a great group in no time. BTW, we will plan on scheduling our meetings on a different day that the CPLUG does so that we do not create a conflict with their meetings.

3 Responses to “Lancaster Linux User Group”

  1. 1 Teb Locke

    I am interested in learning more about/participating in the Lancaster Linux User Group. Thanks, Teb

  2. 2 Joseph W Smith Jr

    There are many more people into Linux than what you know of here in Lancaster County.

    Our local Amateur Radio Club (Lancaster Radio Transmitting Society) has quite a few linux users including myself.

  3. 3 Joe

    Has there been any progress towards the first llug meeting?

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