Just Ordered Yubico YubiKey

One of the great things I learned about at CPOSC this past Sunday was the Yubico YubiKey. I had not heard of this little device, granted I had heard of the RSA SecurID. (If you are wondering what a SecurID is, it is a portable device that allows you to add an extra layer of authentication and security to a computer system or interface.) It was interesting that I had just had a conversation with a colleague about the want to find an alternative to the RSA commercial solution. So I was at the conference and the one speaker mentions the Yubikey, and invites interested parties in joining him for a demo of the little devices over lunch. I was so amazed that I just ordered two devices. I will blog more as I learn more about them and what I do with them.

Have you had any experience with any secure token based authentication systems? Please drop a comment and let us know.

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  3. 3 Endure

    Ive never heard of Yubico YubiKey, but im definitely gonna look into it. Will be looking forward to your future post on it!

  4. 4 Paul

    I hope you will love it, welcome to visit the Yubikey dev forum at http://forum.yubico.com to see its exciting progress contributed by the enthusiastic community.



  5. 5 Alex Barger

    Thanks for dropping a comment guys. I look forward to receiving the keys, and posting all about them!

  6. 6 Tom van Geffen


    just saw your post about the yubikey.
    you might want to go to http://www.grc.com where security guru “steve Gibson” and podcaster “leo laporte” store their “security now”podcasts with shownotes.

    they did a complete story on yubikey with some followups, searching will get you there (alternative is twit.tv)

  7. 7 Alex Barger

    Thanks for the tip. I am a long time fan of TSS and GRC.

  8. 8 Khürt Williams

    Yubikey is a token for using OpenID? So why are you not using OpenID for comments on this blog?

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