I hooked up my blog to twitter

Hey tweeple!

I am now a twitter fanatic. I avoided systems like this in the past, but recently have found great uses for it. So now I too, am a twitter-holic. So shout out to the tweeple!


3 Responses to “I hooked up my blog to twitter”

  1. 1 Keral Patel

    Exactly how does it benefit to join twitter. Does it benefits the site by getting more traffic from it?

  2. 2 lilyruth

    Id also like to know why twitter is so special what are its benefits? Im truely interested , what all does twitter do for you? What is Twitter? Oh I just added you as friend at Socialspark this is how I saw your post. Hope to be friends and do stop by and visit me also at http://dotblogger.blogspot.com

  3. 3 Alex Barger

    I did notice a spike in traffic to my site when “following” people on Twitter, and when I do new blog posts. There is a Twitter updater plug-in for WordPress that will send a tweet out when you have a new post. So it is helpful in that manner. Basically I have found it to be useful to interconnect myself in multiple ways. So I have my blog set to update twitter, and twitter set to update facebook so it does all in one shot. Then Twitter also has the feature to send and receive txt messages, so it keeps me connected through one place all the time, and allows me to communicate back in whatever form I decide.

    Let me know if that makes sense.

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