How I Use BlogExplosion

First off, let me say I have no affiliation with BlogExplosion and just a blogger who signed up on BlogExplosion.

Basically what I have been doing is surfing for traffic every couple of days so that I can spend 15 – 20 credits each day on traffic to my blog.
(Earn Blog Traffic -> Surf Member Blogs) I use Firefox and just pop this in a separate tab, and do other things while “surfing”. Also while surfing, I keep an eye out for interesting blogs and topics that are related to mine. When I find blogs like that, I post a comment. Sometimes they will let you do your site url when posting. This engages the other blogger. I also try to find a way to relate their post back to a post at my blog and refer them to what I have posted. So this creates extra traffic sources, unrelated to BlogExplosion itself.

Unless you have a blog with wide appeal and topic nature, it would seem like paying for a billboard ad in an unrelated space. Granted, the people who are all using this site all have blogs so some people will actually do what I do while surfing. Many of the visits I receive are people that just bounce from one blog to another. So the key here is to have content and “bait” if you will, as close to the top as possible on your blog so that when the people look to the surf bar, they see something to become engaged with. You are not going to capture everyone… but obviously the goal is as many as possible. Take a look at the top of my site [ ], and notice how I have my top area setup in such a way to be unique and personal. I wanted my site to be remembered and stand out from the crowd.

The other thing that I do is BlogRocket. Sometimes twice a day. For one credit you can get 4 – 10 visits rather then one. Also you can visit a site on the blog rocket page, to be entered into a credit contest. So if you do that once a day, you will have the best odds at winning that pool.

If you sign up with BlogExplosion, your site will eventually get approved, so you could start doing these things now and build up some credits. I don’t do auto-assign of credits. I go in and manually assign about 20 per day. That keeps a nice steady stream of visits to my site. It felt like it took a long time before my blog was approved in their system. The first time they gave me a message about non-english or non-us site, so I deleted it and reentered it. But eventually it was approved.

I am also building referrals. So far that is not working out for me. The referrals that you get would theoretically help you build your credits. The problem is getting the referrals to surf for traffic.

How do you use BlogExplosion?

9 Responses to “How I Use BlogExplosion”

  1. 1 Blogolution

    Hehe, yeah most of us ‘surf’ like you. Haven’t tried Blogrocket before, but it sounds good.

    Goodluck with your mini-laptop! The more i look at options, the more undecided i become.

  2. 2 Paul

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  3. 3 Jae

    I’ve been using Blogexplosion for years and, although it’s much quieter than it once was, it still does the job of getting readers to your blog.

  4. 4 Alex Barger

    Thanks for the comments guys. Anyone else want to share how they use BlogExplosion?

  5. 5 Les

    I have not been using B.E. for that long, perhaps a month, but I am pretty satisfied with the results. And I will check out Blog Rocket too.
    I didn’t have much expectations when I began using BE. I knew that I would get lots of hits but I suspected that they would be pretty empty and my bounce rate and time spent on the site would go down. I was right. However, like many of us, I look at obtaining regular readers as a numbers game. If I get 70 hits a day from BE there is a chance that 1 person may come back to my blog on their own or subscribe. After 2 weeks of use I found that I started getting more regular viewers. I am just sick of looking at Malaysian teenagers blogs with pictures of what they had for lunch on them. Other than that its great.

  6. 6 Alex Barger

    I hear what you are saying about the Malaysian blogs… where do all the US bloggers hang out?

  7. 7 Alex Barger

    Les, how do you go about getting 70 hits per day? Do you get your credits from surfing member blogs?

  8. 8 les

    yes. I just keep a Mozilla window open (in the front of the line I think it works better that way) and just surf while I am at work. I have had much more than 70 before, but when I am busy its around 50-70 per day. I have found that when I have a provocative post I will leave it up for a little while to see if my blog stats in Google Analytics change from when its posted till 2 days after. You can really see the difference. Commenting and linking are the best ways that I have found to get QUALITY traffic. Plus I ping all the search engines everyday, even if I don’t have new content.

  9. 9 Wiggy

    I use it in pretty much the same way as you Alex. I am always intrigued as to other peoples, so every now and again having it open in Firefox means that I can carry on doing stuff, and just click next blog on the surf members blog bit. I am getting a few in my blogmarks too. I notice when I’m not near a computer for a few days the hits drop almost dramatically, but i get a steady stream of 50 or so hits at the moment, which I’m happy with (But always want more)

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