Guide To Link Building

I was recently involved (or the lack thereof) in the publishing of a guide to link building. If you stumbled upon my site for another reason and are reading this post, link building has become one of the most important ways to have your website be found on the internet and gain visitors. To date, I have done only internal link building for this site so it is rarely found and rarely visited. Over time I will try to follow some of the tips included in the large poster print pdf chart. My real involvement in the project is dealing with traffic, server load created by that traffic and the best way for our company to handle that. The file is high-res so it is about 1.5 megs. Ok, so imagine it is downloaded 1000 times in a day. That would be nearly 1.5GB of bandwidth transferred! In order to handle traffic like that and more, there are several ways to deal with server load. I’ll probably post some helpful information on that topic on the company website rather then here… check back and I’ll update this post when I do so.