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X10 Switch Turns Off But Not On, Oh Bother

I have a funny story for you (funny like ha ha)

So I just got done troubleshooting a strange issue. As the winter days were approaching and it got dark sooner and sooner I noticed that the outside light that I have on an X10 controller was turning off but not on automatically. I upgraded to FC10 recently, so I checked to make sure the program (heyu) was working by looking at the verbose messages. Nothing obvious in there. It just seemed really odd that I could turn it off but not on. I tested the controlled with a plug-in X10 module, and it worked like a champ. So tonight I was determined to fix it and did some google searching and found this page:

So I started thinking about what was “new” at my house since it stopped working and un-plugged these items one at a time until….. I determined it was a used computer I bought off a buddy. I was able to 100% determine it was this computer by turning it off and on, and the problem comes and goes. I just found this interesting and wanted to share the story with everyone.

I wonder what is so different about the power supply in this computer, I have it plugged into the the same outlet that I have had other computers before it plugged in. Oh well, at least I know know! I have a spare power supply, so I may just swap it out and see what is so special about the one that is in it. Anyone want to buy this great power supply with built-in X10 filtering?