~ Draft~



Our society struggles to build better machines and solve more complex problems all the time, sometimes succeeding and other times not. We are long past the wake of the new millennium and we still don’t have flying cars, and personal robots, so what is the big hold up? In my opinion I think we have focused our energy in the wrong direction. So my suggestion is to build better humans.



In our own lives, I believe we miss out on some of the greatest opportunities because we lack the skills and knowledge at the time when we miss the proverbial boat. Now that I am a new parent, I have been thinking about these things quite a bit more. Thinking about how much I have learned over the years about computers and technology. Thinking about how I would probably not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my father’s mindset. So what does all this have to do with the actual building of a better human, well it is not a vague concept at all. It is simply providing the potential for our youth to grow, to evolve. If you stifle their minds by never giving them the opportunity to say write their own computer game, how do you expect them to be an expert computer programmer. This concept can be applied to any youth, with any interest. From playing the piano to playing doctor. I accept the fact that we cannot force our youth to go into a certain career path, but that doesn’t mean we should withhold the possibility either.



The phrase build better humans is not exactly representative to the actual theory I am presenting. I am not saying we need to physically build human beings, but instead allow our young to become more intelligent, more specialized, to unlock the genius that is within each one of us. So why are we building? To build is a process in which a tangible thing is created. You build things like houses, cars, and robots. You don’t build humans. Or do we?

… it is a process over time

… it takes raw materials

… it takes learning and skill



How can better be tangible? Better is only a comparison, so how do you compare one human to another? It is not necessary to compare one to another, lets just take a moment to compare my current self with the person I could have become. I admit that I am an average computer programmer. I am not able at this moment to create programs as my primary source of income, so therefore I am not a professional programmer.

If I would have been exposed to, or had been more interested in writing computer programs as a child I could have become a professional programmer. I could have been better.


I don’t want to discredit what my father did for me, as I believe I am a better human because he gave me the tools that he was able to provide. My father wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity to learn about computers, so ever since I was around eight years old, he bought computers and did what he was able to do to help me learn about them. Since he never had the chance to even own a computer when he was a child, he never even began to learn about how to run a computer until the 80′s. Even so he spent time with me and my brother helping us learn how to enter in programs found in magazines and becoming as involved as he could. I don’t believe that I would be as knowledgeable as I am today if it wasn’t for him doing that. So as a parent, of course I want to do the same for my child.











At the time of this writing the foundation is unfortunately just a dream.