And we are back.

So it has been quite some time since I posted on here.  It has been rough lately. Not sure what kind of funk I’ve been in… but actively trying to get out of it. Hoping getting back in tune with the tubes will help. (Twitter is probably the biggest reason not to post on here…damn you Twitter)

While I have been gone I have been doing some work with CakePHP, FAI – fully automatic linux installations, VirtualBox & VMware, Magento, etc. So I have been keeping pretty busy.

I also found a nice little hardware project that has just come into my radar. This is something that I have been wanting to work on in my *cough* free time. However my vision would be to use a host computer for all the logic and user control, and the controller board used for simple I/O. Anyone interested in this, drop a comment and let me know.

2 Responses to “And we are back.”

  1. 1 Shoffy

    Yeah – I’ve been in a funk lately myself. Gettin’ into the vids. Doing the Blockbuster thing part-time nets me 5 rentals a week. This, of course, gave me an excuse to buy a blu-ray player.

    And the cycle of piling debt on top of debt continues. ;-)

    Love the kid in purple pics. He looks so happy. You say he cries? I don’t believe it.

  2. 2 Alex Barger

    I haven’t post a new pictures to flickr lately. I’ll have to try to do that this weekend. So it sounds like we are on the same page here. I just cranked out a decent post last night since my interent connection went down. Check it out Counting items with mysql and regex in the group by statement

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