This site is here, for several reasons.

Reason number one: Recently I decided I wanted a way to stake claim to all the things online in the name of “cruzinthegalaxie” that related to me and my alias. I have been using this alias for a long time now. I’ll have to research the date of when I actually started using it. It was definitely after I purchased a 1961 Ford Galaxie. Sometime afterwords I had purchased the car, I registered with the plan to create a site to showcase the car and everything about the era. Still haven’t gotten around to that.

Reason number two: A need for a place for my personal website, at a home of it’s own, and not affiliated with the other sites I have worked on, or the lack thereof. A place to direct people towards, when they are looking for my personal website.

Reason number three: I wanted to be able to google myself. Ok so I am greedy in that aspect. But hey, many people would be happy to be able to google themselves and actually have their site show up.

Claiming: I wanted to be able to make a claim to something on the net that I was involved with, or not. So, where you see all the links under the section “Claimed“, these are all sites that I have claimed to be me, the likeness, reference or the involvement. By linking to these sites I make no claim to accuracy of the site itself, just that it was me, or my alias. Assume that if I did not claim it, it is not me.

What else…