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The YubiKey Has Arrived

Just a quick note out that I just received my Yubico Yubikeys! I normally tear into packages like presents on Christmas morning, but I am trying to restrain myself. I have decided to do a video blog-casting series, detailing the entire life-cycle of my experiences with the YubiKey. So hopefully video shooting goes well. It is already 10pm, so we’ll seen how quickly I can wrap this up.

Just Ordered Yubico YubiKey

One of the great things I learned about at CPOSC this past Sunday was the Yubico YubiKey. I had not heard of this little device, granted I had heard of the RSA SecurID. (If you are wondering what a SecurID is, it is a portable device that allows you to add an extra layer of authentication and security to a computer system or interface.) It was interesting that I had just had a conversation with a colleague about the want to find an alternative to the RSA commercial solution. So I was at the conference and the one speaker mentions the Yubikey, and invites interested parties in joining him for a demo of the little devices over lunch. I was so amazed that I just ordered two devices. I will blog more as I learn more about them and what I do with them.

Have you had any experience with any secure token based authentication systems? Please drop a comment and let us know.

I hooked up my blog to twitter

Hey tweeple!

I am now a twitter fanatic. I avoided systems like this in the past, but recently have found great uses for it. So now I too, am a twitter-holic. So shout out to the tweeple!


Pic Programmer Schematics

Here are a few schematics that I have collected. Thought I would share these out there on the net. They all have pros and cons. You can read more about my specific experience with each one over here on the robot kits page.

Willem Pic Programmer Schematics

Tait Pic Programmer Schematics

JDM Pic Programmer Schematics

Classic Pic Programmer Schematics