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Drama at the Beach and New Pics from Vaction

We got back last night from our trip to Ocean City, NJ. The little guy is at that age where he wants to do everything, touch everything, and always have his way so that made for a challenge. We hit the beach a few days, hit the boardwalk others. I think I gained about 10 pounds with all that good food! I uploaded some of the pictures to my Flickr account.

The drama of the story was the B&B that we stayed in was having some issues with the next door neighbor. We were in the middle of a feud. The neighbor was making noise and causing disturbances by cranking the radio, honking horns, and banging on things. It was kinda comical in one aspect, but did make it hard for Luke to take a nap. She apologized to us the next day, and hooked us up with a stack of tickets to the amusement rides. Whoo-hoo free rides!

Friday everyone was cleared from the water, as medical syringes washed up on the beach. Luckily for us, we already had packed up to head home. I feel bad for all the others on their way to the beach this weekend. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Stop ruining this earth. Keep your sh*t out of the water.

Greetings from my new office

Dear friends, I am writing to inform you that I will be continuing work from my new office. It is a bit noisy here at times, but it can be drowned out by the calming sounds of an ocean waves mp3 I have on my phone. When the tide is out, I’ll get some work done.

Now where did my laptop get to ???


Update 2 – Microchip PIC Programming

I added some more information on the programming the Microchip PIC resource guide that I have been working on. I have added links to the pic programming software I have used. Also, I now have a list of compilers that will take a program in traditional C or Basic, and compile it for the Microchip PIC line of chips. If you have any special request for sample projects, let me know. The next section will be building an actual circuit and programming a chip.

Linux Lancaster PA

If you are looking for an experienced Linux consultant in Lancaster, PA. Don’t fret, I am here for you. I understand that the number of Linux implementations continue to grow nationwide, but little old Lancaster PA sometimes is forgotten about. Growing up in this area and working for many companies, most I have seen utilize Microsoft based computer systems. In my seven plus years in the industry, I have started to see more and more Linux use right here in our backyard. If you have a business and wondering what the heck it is, or if it is a good fit for your business model now local schools are priming students with Linux as well as Windows administration. Be on the lookout for a penguin powered system near you!

PS – Let me know if you spot one. I’d love to hear.

Some New Luke Pics

So we were out to the photo studio the other day. Got a handful of new pictures of the little dude. We wanted to get some summer photos before the summer was over.






Free Blog Traffic – BlogExplosion

I have been using BlogExplsion to get free traffic to my site for over a month now and hit over 1000 visitors. I have the BlogRush widget on this site and be lucky to have seen 25 visitors from that tool. If you run a blog, and are looking to increase your average visitors to your site, then check it out. One way you can get people to come, is by surfing through other blogs by members of their site. They call it “surf member blogs” and as you go to each site you earn credits that you can use to participate in the surf or other activities. I think I’ll be giving blogrush the boot, and putting a BlogExplosion widget in it’s place.