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Michael Aka Kill coDer

I happened across a funny ‘toon the other day while cruzintheblogosphere. As I mentioned in a previous post, I signed up for SocialSpark. While doing all that hard work making friends, I happened across a few profiles of interest. One of which was Michael aka “Kill coDer”. He has a great blog post about owning a stove that includes a funny little cartoon. I think it is great! There are many other cartoons of interest as well if you are into that sort of thing.

If you visit Kill coDer’s website you will find out about his music interests, video game quirks, and information about his projects, view lots of great cartoon images, and various blog posts on several topics. I personally find humor in many of the items on his site and recommend checking it out.

Handheld SSH – What is missing from my toolkit

Since I am primarily a *nix kinda guy. I can pretty much work remotely as long as I have three things; a computer, internet connectivity and an ssh/telnet client. Often times I find myself on the road and I am unable to connect to any of my servers via ssh or to a telnet server until I reach a place where I have all three of those items. I found a company which offers an SSH/telent client for handheld devices. They also offer other software including an ssh server for Windows, a feature rich telnet server and a full SSH client suite.

Posh Reviews

Posh Post, or should I call her “The Reviewer of All”. Her site is mostly a review site on any topic. Weather it be blog, product, event, what have you Posh is reviewing it. She must have a lot of time on her hands, because she has new postings on her site very frequently. Check our her site if you would like to see some great reviews.

Easiest way to save electricity

One of the simplest and cost effective ways to save electricity is to swap out incandescent lights with compact florescent light bulbs. These bulbs are up to four times more efficient than traditional bulbs. Since they are florecent they do not work with dimmers or 3-way lamp sockets, so use them where you can and where it makes sense. At my home, I like to leave a light on overnight, so now I run a compact florescent instead of a 75w indoor flood light. I am not sure how much money I actually save, but I can rest assured that I am not wasting electricity on a bulb that is less efficient.

With the rising cost of fuel, and the upcoming electrical company rate hikes don’t wait any longer to start cutting your home electricity usages. Install solar panels or low voltage lighting when possible.

You can find all sorts of eco-friendly products, including compact florescent lights, heated travel mug, outdoor solar lights, solar cell phone and iPod chargers, flexible solar panels, exciting unique gifts & gadgets.

Whoa careful when creating a new spark, and how to edit one

I created a blog-u-back spark on SocialSpark, but beware you do not fall into the pitfall that I did. When I first posted the spark opportunity I was very general and casual. I did not ask for what I really wanted, so I can only blame myself. I thought is was very strange that it was impossible to edit the spark or modify it, so that I could make it more specific. I even emailed Joe, my personal sales rep, and he didn’t really give me a valid answer. Eventually I did find that you can edit a spark.
Go to “Manage my advertiser account”
Then click on “Campaigns”
Then click on the title of the spark, and then again when it pops down
Then finally click on “Edit Spark” on the right

So here is how to prevent issues:

  1. If you are going to post a spark… request people to do what you really want them to do for you.
  2. Be as specific as possible. This is the best way to accomplish your goal.
  3. Give a estimate on how quickly you can write and post a BlogUBack.
  4. Don’t offer to BlogUBack on a crappy site. You will not get much action that way.
  5. Lastly, be nice. Don’t be so tough that no one wants to deal with you.

Hope this helps with your future spark endevours.

HISchild’s Blog – A Fellow SocialSparker

I crossed paths with an interesting blog the other day. This site is run by a Christian stay-at-home mom who home schools her children. if you are interested in faith based blog topics, knitting & sewing, recipes or other women’s related content; then check out HISchild’s blog. I read most of her posts, and the site is easy to read an follow. Tell her, “Cruzin The Galaxie” sent ya!

VampAmber’s Clutter and Quest for Learning

Just noticed this site was featured on VampAmber’s blog. She posted some nice comments about my admirable charity blog posts. At this point in time, I have donated the first post for $20. I think I have done four other posts, which I am putting towards developing a technology resource site for non-profit organizations and charities. In my experience I have found so much resources and money being wasted, I thought this was my way of giving back the knowledge that I have learned over the years to help.

In her posting she mentions that she spends her earnings on herself. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! You need to enjoy life, and if that is what it takes – rock on! Check out her site for an inside look at her published personal life and profile. She also has an whole section of writing including short stories, poetry and even a novel she is working on. [ VampAmber’s Writing ]

SocialSpark – Friend Your Way To Paid Blogging

So I signed-up for SocialSpark. At first I wasn’t quite sure what the whole premise of the site was. Basically it is just like any other social network, you improve your exposure by making friends. Friends sometimes will be advertisers who are looking to pay you for exposure about them and their website on your blog. SocialSpark is different from other paid linking situations, where as the advertisers are restricted to “nofollow” links. A “nofollow” link is used to tell the search engines not to follow the hyperlink while crawling your site. So it is a way for it to be excluded while counting links for search engine ranking.

This past weekend I setup my profile page on the site. I spent a few hours machine gun style clicking on friend requests on all the people who had the least amount of friends. My thought was that the people with no friends would be more inclined to accept the invitation. After fifteen minutes or so, people started accepting my invitations and I had forty friends before I knew it. So at that point I decided to switch gears and befriend the people with the most friends and votes. By the end of the weekend I had roughly 300 friends and several “props” or votes, then on Monday my site was the featured blog. I didn’t get to the site in time to get a screen shot. But the good news is, I had a paid blog opportunity waiting in my inbox!

PS. This blog post was sponsored by SocialSpark

Stop Paying For Gas

Every time I turn around, I hear another person griping about the cost of gas. A few thoughts come to mind, and I typically keep them to myself. This little graphic gave me a smile though, hopefully it will do the same for you.


Shady Oak IPA

It was not so long ago that I started home brewing. (It feels like forever though) I started dabbling with home brew recipes that I found in different books. There was one particular recipe that I took a special interest in and over the years, kinda made my own. Originally the recipe was called “Oak Tree IPA”. After dark, dreary and raining brew day weather time after time, I decided to call it Shady Oak IPA. I didn’t want to give it a derogatory name, so this one lends more to the lazy day, relaxing under the shade of a big old oak. So “Shady Oak” was then created. I have been brewing it for many years now, I’ll have to check the calendar to see exactly how many.