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Open Source Software For Charity

So I picked up my first virtual volunteering opportunity. I found a volunteer posting on a website that I responded to. It turns out that the person who setup all of the web based systems for this particular non-profit organization likes to frequent Sourceforge just as much as I do. We have been emailing back and forth a bit now, and I keep learning about more and more open source software that they have installed and using to run their organization and internet presence. I was taken back a bit, because it seemed unusual. Non-profits have access to special pricing of software and hardware and typically don’t have someone like me on the payroll, or maybe they do.. but I doubt it. They also have the need not to profit, so expenses like paying for commercial software and support can be an easy way to quickly spend some profits [don't worry I won't mention any names]

Further Theme Tweaking

I did some further tweaking to this site tonight (in the theme). After I was fed up staring at the dagon design sitemap pagination issue, I decided to try to fix a few things on this site that was needing some attention. I added the tag cloud to the bubble at the top on grouped pages (as in not single post or page). I reworked the archive page to be able to show content before the archives. I guess that was about it, but it was really bothering me so I wanted to get those things done quick-like.

Dag Gone Sitemap Pagination Issue

I was getting very frustrated by the “Dag Gone” sitemap plugin. I was trying to correct a pagination issue AGAIN, and it just makes no sense. Sometimes the problem looks like it comes from the internal rewrite rules of WordPress, and other times it looks like the variable of the page number is not defined. I had it working this morning on the company site, and by the end of the day the rewrite rules must have been rebuilt. So….. I did some further investigation and found nothing specific of interest. But what I did find is that it still doesn’t work. I was able to get it to work without “permalinks” in the sitemap which is dumb in the bleeding edge version on this site. I have a small “work-around” coming together for version 2.7.2 of the sitemap plugin.

A new look and feel to this site

I posted the new theme I have been working on to this site the other day. There are still a few rough edges that need to be taken care of, but I think it looks pretty good overall. To give credit where credit is due, this theme is based on the great and well tested K2 RC4 theme. One nice thing about K2, and Sandbox for that matter, is that the theme is setup with restyling in mind. K2 has an options page under the “Presentation” tab where you can choose a different style sheet to include.

A special shout out goes to Chad McComsey who made the header graphic for me including the cool surreal cartoon version of my head shot.

The work that I have done with this theme so far includes:

  1. Restyling the column layout, colors, spacing, etc with css.
  2. Added and excerpt of the page/post at the top in the big bubble (needs tweaked on multi-post pages)
  3. Created an xajax viewport with single posts in a light box. This is going to need some extra tweaking as well. It has no content in it, which will not help with the search engines

Virtual Volunteer Services

I have decided to reach out and help nonprofit organizations with their technology struggles. With my seven plus years of experience centered around internet technologies, I will be offering free consultation to nonprofit organizations around the world. My mission is to help charitable organizations so they can focus their efforts on doing what they do best… helping people!

Sonicwall firmware download – Updated

A little birdy told me that there was something new posted on a prior post titled “Sonicwall firmware download“. I won’t say where I got it or if it will last, but I posted a zip file of the firmware. I have not tested it yet, but hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have a chance to see if it works. If someone else gets around to it before me… let us all know how it works out.


Watch Paint Dry – I Say No More!

I am tired of watching paint dry. Ever since the writers strike there has been absolutely nothing worthwhile to watch on tv. Granted there wasn’t much on before, but now it has gotten so bad that I actually watched some of the home decorating shows that my wife watches. I call it like “watching paint dry” because the shows are all the same. The design team comes into a house that is need of fixing up. They pick a new paint color and throw it up on the walls. They rearrange the furniture and bring in some new chotskies and TA-Da, surprise your new room!

Writers come back, PLEASE!

Is BioButanol Production Underway?

As the end of the third quarter for 2008 draws closer, I believe that initial testing of creating Bio-Butanol should be well underway. BP + Dupont hasn’t released any headline breaking press releases related to the topic. It definitely seems like there are more biodeisel advances hitting the news. Hopefully we’ll start to hear more about butanol in the upcoming months . I don’t own a diesel vehicle, and don’t know too many people that do, so obviously a product that will run in a traditional vehicle will be more widely usable.

Guide To Link Building

I was recently involved (or the lack thereof) in the publishing of a guide to link building. If you stumbled upon my site for another reason and are reading this post, link building has become one of the most important ways to have your website be found on the internet and gain visitors. To date, I have done only internal link building for this site so it is rarely found and rarely visited. Over time I will try to follow some of the tips included in the large poster print pdf chart. My real involvement in the project is dealing with traffic, server load created by that traffic and the best way for our company to handle that. The file is high-res so it is about 1.5 megs. Ok, so imagine it is downloaded 1000 times in a day. That would be nearly 1.5GB of bandwidth transferred! In order to handle traffic like that and more, there are several ways to deal with server load. I’ll probably post some helpful information on that topic on the company website rather then here… check back and I’ll update this post when I do so.

Give It A Name

So this new WordPress theme seems to be coming along quite nicely. I did a few tweeks over the last few days. I hooked up Lightbox Gone Wild on the sliding divs, so you can load up a larger window of the full post. I did some spacing on the page links in the footer. A few other things, I can’t much remember now.

If you would like to take a look at the theme (in Firefox only please!) you may preview it here.

The path I am currently on, the theme will probably end up being an add-on to the great and all powerful K2 theme. And why not!