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New WordPress Theme

I started working on a new WordPress Theme. At first I thought I would build a site where I could showcase some of the projects I have worked on, and highlight the specific involvement I had in each project. In order to do that, I thought it would be neat to create a n area on the page to hold rotating data. As I got further into it, I decided to go ahead and make it into a theme, so I could manage the content in the WordPress back end and then give it away, if I am able to ever finish it. I have only worked on it for two nights so far, but made pretty good progress. I currently have xajax setup on a page template that loads in content into three divs, kind of like a comic strip. I need to hook up the next and back buttons to rotate through the content, so we’ll see how that goes.

cisco sniff

Sniffing VOIP sessions from a Cisco phone systems is already in the realm of possablities. I have personally worked with the develper of VOIPONG which is is voice over ip packet sniffer. It is able to sniff a great deal of packets with little cpu usage. You can easily throw FreeBSD on a spare computer with a decent ethernet card, and install VOIPONG with little more then changing to the directory and typing “make install”.

Q: Is it really that easy to do Cisco sniffing?
A: Well there are a few more commands to execute, but it is fairly straightforward.

Q: Does it pick up cisco skinny while sniffing?
A: Yes, it sure does.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: If you already have a 500mz computer or better, with an ethernet card, it wont cost you anything but a little bit of time to configure it.

Q: I don’t know how to use Linix, should I go down the path of configuring my first Linux computer to just run VOIP sniffing?
A: Sure! Anything that gives you a reason to use Linux for the first time is a (arguably a good reason) a great reason to try Linux /FreeBSD.

Q: Ok, I downloaded VOIPONG but where do I get FreeBSD?
A: Try

Q:Ok. I installed FreeBSD, and I am a noob… what the heck do I do now?

Q: What does RTFM stand for?
A: Google it

Q: Ok, you don’t have to be a jerk. I admit I am a total noooooooooooob, but help a brother out!
A: Ok, Ok, I really do want you to sniff your VOIP calls. I’ll try to explain it as best as I can. (It has been awhile since I installed VOIPONG and configured it)

Installing FreeBSD

  1. Download these two iso disc and burn them to cdrs. ( )
  2. Boot your computer off disc 1
  3. Choose the quick install method (i’ll confirm this later) and the default slices (dont ask)
  4. Follow the on screen directions
  5. Reboot and login to your system
  6. Download voipong with the following command (
    # fetch
  7. # tar -zxf voiong-2.0.tar.gz
  8. # cd voipong-2.0
  9. # ./configure
  10. # make
  11. #make install
  12. Run # ifconfig  and look for the identifier of your network adaptor
  13. # vi  /usr/local/etc/voipong/voipong.conf
    ( Wait i am a vi virgin and need serious help )
  14. Press i
  15. Scroll down to the line that starts with “device = ” and change the value to the device name from ifconfig (mine is listed as bge0 but it could be sis0 or something else, it varies.
  16. Now press “ESC” and then type “:wq”
  17. Now you are ready to do some sniffing!
  18. Run VOIPONG in the forefground to see what happen with # voipong -f
  19. Watch and see what it outputs. You may need to evaluate and research any errors.

Q: It ran but didn’t record any VOIP calls. What’s the deal?
A: Do you have your  network adaptor plugged in where it can see the packets? As in a monitor port or an ethernet tap? Well you will need to. (Sorry I can’t tell you how to configure your network)

So I hope this was helpful. Don’t be scared to try Linux.


There I was, again!

It was like looking into a mirror. Author Brian Shoff writes about the misunderstandings of internet marketing acronyms and relates his detail oriented nature with my own. Thanks for the reference! I have known Brian for several years now, so when I read his post I had to laugh… because the reference he made to my behavior is so true!

WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade

I just upgraded this site to use WordPress 2.3.2 so now I will be able to test the Skrape plugin in the new version. I am hoping to bang it out quick this weekend, so fingers crossed.

Stay tuned…