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mpack munpack

I went looking for a command line utility to save the attachments in emails to their respective files, and found the m pack / munpack utility. Munpack will attempt to save each of the email attachments as the original file. There were two things about the program which I didn’t like, so I changed it.

1. If the file already exists it previously saved a new copy of the file with the filename being filename.ext.1 then filename.ext.2 then filename.ext.3 etc. This of course messes up the file extension for re-opening the file in its associated application. So I modified munpack to append the incremented value rather then pre-pend

2. Munpack saves the text part of the email message as filename.desc. Since my ultimate purpose for munpack is to create and email filter to save the attachment to a directory and then insert a hyper-link to the file, I don’t care about the desc part. So I just delete it.


Download the source from somewhere or here:
# wget

# tar -zxf mpack-1.6.tar.gz

# cd mpack-1.6

# wget

# patch -p1 < ./mpack.patch # ./configure # make # make install Enjoy!